Registrations are now closed. Exceptionally, last minute registrations might still be possible; contact your home institute delegate or team captain.


Cancellation policy


Registration may be cancelled. Only medical reasons will be considered for partial reimbursement of the fees.

In case of cancellation, the charges applied to the registration fee (which includes accommodation, sport and social activities) will be the following:

  • Before December 2019, 20:                       50 €
  • From December 20 to January 19:         30%
  • From January 20 to February 20:            50%
  • From February 21 to March 14:                60%
  • From March 15:                                               75%

The date of cancellation will be the date at which the cancellation, together with a scan of the medical certificate, is received at The original of the medical certificate will then be sent to the organiser for validation.

Charges applied to the booking/buying of the ski-pass, as well as to the transportation and other possible fees, have to be decided by the relevant Team Captain.

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